Neighbourhood Plan

Budbrooke Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan

The time has come for Residents to confirm their support for Budbrooke Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan, scroll down for the latest version. A local referendum is being held on 12th July 2018. Voting can be at the Polling Station you normally attend, either Budbrooke Community Centre or Budbrooke Village Hall, between 7 am and 10 pm on that day. You must be on the electoral roll, and you may have received your voting card. If you are not on the electoral roll you can, you can register on line at

or you will need to complete a voter registration form and send it to the Electoral Registration Officer to arrive by midnight on Tuesday 26 June 2018 at this address:

Warwick District Council
Riverside House, Milverton Hill
Royal Leamington Spa
Warwickshire CV32 5HZ

If you want a postal vote or want to nominate a proxy to cast your vote, then use the contact details above.

This plan was originally started in 2010, so it has been a long time in construction, but now it has been formally examined and is presented for your consideration. You will have one vote to cast and you will vote YES or NO to the following

“Do you want Warwick District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Budbrooke to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

A simple majority in favour will ‘make’ the plan which will then be adopted by Warwick District Council. A positive vote means that the Parish Council will a larger proportion [25% rather than 15%] of the Community Infrastructure Levy [a tax on developers] that it can use to benefit the community as a whole.

What is it?writing on board

It is the way residents of Budbrooke can influence any physical development in the parish.  Please click this link here which provides a complete explanation which is simplified below.

What does it do?

It allows Budbrooke to set out policies to specify how any development would be. These policies would on completion of the process become legal planning guidance specific to Budbrooke. These include:

  • the design of any housing
  • the openness of layout
  • the tenancy of affordable housing, rented or in joint ownership
  • the environmental and historical impact
  • open spaces
  • Community facilities

By doing this a developer must comply with our policies when building in Budbrooke.

How is it being done?

A team of people are working to develop a draft plan.

  • Questionnaires have been issued and analysed and are being used to inform the draft plan
  • Other groups including employers are also being asked for views
  • The group will meet together regularly with aprofessional planning consultant to draft the plan
  • Evidence will be gathered to support policies
  • The draft plan will be presented to residents in September and October and residents comments will help to substantiate or amend the draft; including the Parish Show 13th
  • This re-draft will be put to public examination by a Planning Inspector
  • The final draft will be voted on in a referendum of Budbrooke residents.

Who is involved?people sitting

The team of 12 people working on the plan include Parish Councillors, volunteer residents and Kirkwells Planning Consultants. More information is available on the meeting notes.

What can you see from this page?

  • Notes of meetings
  • Questionnaires & Surveys, and raw data
  • When available
    • draft Neighbourhood Plan
    • calendar of consultation events

“The important thing to remember is that Budbrooke Neighbourhood Plan will be Our Community Plan. It will be how we visualise Budbrooke developing over the next 14 years and how we can ensure that such development will be a good thing for Budbrooke, and not an eyesore.”

Mike Dutton

Chairman – Budbrooke Parish Council

Please click below the links to the various documents as and when they come available.

Budbrooke Draft NP Rep Form in Word format

2019 traffic survey summary figures updated
2019 traffic speeds summary
Community Infrastructure Levy Survey
poster 3
Leaflet Final as Pdf
Budbrooke Neighbourhood Development Plan FINAL
SEA screening update Budbrooke Neighbourhood Plan
Budbrooke Consultation Statement Draft 6 Nov 17
Budbrooke Neighbourhood Plan Submission version 6 Nov 17
Budbrooke Basic Conditions Statement 6 Nov 17
Neighbourhood Plan
Parish Council Exhibition 10.05.2017
Summary of Budbrooke Neighbourhood Development Plan
Budbrooke Second Reg 14 Draft NP Reply Form
Draft Neighbourhood Plan 060417
Budbrooke NP Summary 2015 – 2029
Budbrooke Consultation Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan to 2029 – Nov 2015
Budbrooke Draft NP Representation Form
Budbrooke Formal Consultation Action Plan update
SEA screening Budbrooke Neighbourhood Plan
Budbrooke Draft Neighbourhood Plan August 2015
Self Build 28 July 2015
July 2015 Notes of working group meeting
June 2015 Notes of working group meeting
April 2015 Notes of working group meeting
March 15 Open Letter to Residents of Hampton Magna for parish newsletter

our plan