Budbrooke Parish Council

Your Council

Budbrooke Parish Council is an elected local authority. It is the tier of local government which is closest to the people. It is not a voluntary organisation, a charity or anything to do with the Church.

Councillors have an active interest and concern for their local community. They represent local people and work in partnership with them and others when necessary. They help facilitate the provision of local services and facilities and take decisions that form the policy of the Council.

Councillors are not paid and must abide by a local government code of conduct and declare any financial interests in the Parish. Councillors must also declare a personal or prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion at a parish council meeting.

Councils have range of powers such as raising income via Council Tax, the purchase of land and buildings, providing and maintaining village greens, the provision of recreational facilities, crime prevention measures, and traffic calming.

Your councillors are:

CouncillorPhone Number
Mike Dutton (Chairman) 01926 493985
Andy Thomas (Vice Chairman)01926 717230
Rhonda Treacy-Hales 07702 074461
Maggie Treacy-Hales 07753 677712
Michelle Nutt07967 966269
Ian Mccloskey07387 279066

Clerk: Brian Ryninks 

PHONE: 07708 177206

EMAIL: clerk@budbrookepc.org.uk