Budbrooke Consolidated Charities

Budbrooke Consolidated Charities

The Charity was originally set up with money and land donated by Job Marston, Christian Celeye, William Knibb, Thomas Green, Edward Hopkins and John Stanhope Dormer. The Charity has two separate funds, one for Education and the other for “relief in need”.

The school, which was in Old School Lane, Hampton-on-the-Hill and is now two residences was originally owned and funded by this Charity. When a new school was built to house more pupils, the master’s house and the school were rented out as two dwellings, but over time both have been sold due to the high cost of maintenance and modernisation. The money from the sales has been invested and the interest is used to fund educational grants.

The “relief in need” part of the charity also comes from money invested and originally donated by local landowners, listed above.

Neither fund is very large and therefore the grants available are only small.

Grants are for those in or aiming to undergo education or training and living in this Parish. Awards are made mostly to cover the cost of books and equipment (eg for a catering course) and some money may be available to help with field trips, outward bound courses, etc.

The relief in need is there to help people in financial need to pay for services and equipment they might otherwise be unable to afford.

In the first instance for further information please contact:

Alex Davis budbrookecharities@gmail.com

The 2 application forms can be downloaded from the links below.

Application for Award – Non-Education – Budbrooke Consolidated Charities

Application for Award – Education Budbrooke Consolidated Charities