Playground Reopening

Parish Council Play areas are now open BUT please read and apply the guidance in the notices displayed.


This Playground is NOT supervised and the equipment is NOT cleaned regularl

Social distancing of 2m MUST always be maintained (or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not possible)

Only one child is allowed on each piece of equipment at a time.

No eating or drinking in the playground.

Parents/Carers: You will need to clean the equipment before your child uses it.  Use hand sanitiser or wipes to clean your child’s hands before and after use. 

Do not touch your face.  Cough or sneeze into a tissue. Take tissues home or put them into the bins.  Use your arm if tissues are not available.

Wash Children’s clothes after leaving the play area.

Families with clinically vulnerable children must NOT use the equipment without first cleaning it. 

If anyone in the household is displaying any Covid-19 symptoms they MUST refrain from using the equipment

Use of the play area and any facilities/equipment is entirely at your own risk